You may be thinking, “how can I benefit from Physical Therapy without being touched?” Well, let me tell you what my experience has been:

Improved Communication.  So much of the information I need to gather from you in order to treat you comes directly from the conversation we have when we first meet. Your description of what is ailing you and what you do to make it feel better or worse gives me information to determine what may be wrong. I also listen to what you think the problem is and not what you have been told. Additionally, I can still see you and I can direct you to different parts of your body to tell me if it hurts. It allows us to work more closely together as a team.

Empowerment.  The idea that you need someone to fix YOU is put to the test. Instead of me trying to make you feel better, I give you the tools to fix yourself. I help you better understand your own body and why you are feeling the way that you do. I love the result of you taking ownership of your body.

Improved Success Rates. You read that right! This one is based on statistics and not my opinion. Studies have found that those who take part in physical therapy telehealth visits are more compliant with their home exercise programs and report more lasting benefit from their PT experience. It makes sense considering our last bullet point.

Efficiency. There is no travel time or waiting rooms. Our session begins in the comfort of your home, you set up a system of doing certain exercises at home and when it is over you are back to doing what you were before. Also, because I am seeing you in your home, you can show me how you sit to watch TV, your computer set up at your desk or functional challenges you have within your own home.

Safety. We do not have to risk infecting one another. We get to have a conversation without wearing masks or distancing ourselves. This really outweighs the benefits of being seen in person right now.  Please take care of your own personal safety as all of this is so new and changing unpredictably.

Scheduling a telehealth visit is easy. Almost all insurances cover this service right now and all you must do is call for an appointment. You do need access to a phone or computer with internet service to utilize this service.  If you would like to discuss your situation to see if this is an option for you, call Rose at 413-596-5362.

Thank you,

Rose Wrona, MSPT, Clinic Director

June 1, 2020 A Healthier Approach To Caring